Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why is your company called HomeRun Automation?
A. I love baseball and wanted an excuse to wear a Red Sox shirt to work everyday.

Q. If you are not a baseball company, why do I see your banners and signs around little league fields?
A. HomeRun Automation is a proud sponsor of San Rafael Little League, Twin Cities Little League and the Canal Baseball Academy Charity.

Q. Do you handle small jobs as well? I just bought a new TV/Sonos/Router/Roku and would like it installed.
A. I mostly handle design and programming, not installation and running wires. But I do have a wide network of skilled people I work with and can refer you to them. Email me with some details and I will connect you with the right people.

Q. I am interested in a home automation system or media room/theater, can you help?
A. We're happy to help plan your project and can connect you with trusted installers.

Q. So do you just install Nest thermostats, Dropcams and Sonos? Is that what you mean by Home Automation?
A. No, those devices work well in smaller homes but they are not suitable for large scale high end projects. Our systems are designed around Crestron Automation systems, the industry leader. If you need help with consumer grade devices like that, I can refer you to someone.

Q. I used a Crestron system before, it was terrible and unreliable.
A. If you had a bad experience with Crestron hardware, then it was not designed, installed or programmed correctly. Nothing in the industry comes close to the flexibility, reliability and support of a Crestron system when programmed well. I program Savant, AMX, Control4, Elan, RTI, Harmony, Pronto. Trust me when I tell you Crestron is the best when programmed correctly.

Q. I have a Crestron system that needs service, can you help?
A. Probably, I specialize in rescue/take over Crestron jobs. Just email me

Q. What's an average system cost?
A. A system can be as simple as a single TV in a penthouse apartment to a multi-million dollar automation system in a 30,000sqft, $100 million dollar estate. We've done it all.